Mastering Digital Disruption in Recruitment

Declan Murphy

The recruiting landscape is changing immensely – companies failing to keep at the forefront of industry trends will sink below their competitors. Recruiters that see digital disruption as an opportunity will monopolise.

The march of technology will not cease. However, the secret to exploiting these changes is not by replacing your employees with algorithms and data processors. Staying relevant and highly competitive will be possible with a simple dual approach:

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1. Let recruiters excel in human interaction

The digitisation of our world has placed all the power in the job-seeker’s hand. Strident efforts are required by employers to secure the talent they need in this new candidate-centric workforce – and a recruiter who understands how to skillfully navigate this workforce will undoubtedly be the number one choice.

Each new placement must be tackled with an original strategy encompassing elements of marketing, sales, strategic planning and research, all supported by a heightened awareness of human psychology.

Aspects of psychology such as reading body language, building rapports, intuiting a person’s needs and desires, and understanding cognitive biases are key to providing an exemplary candidate experience.

Recruiters must become resourceful marketeers finding creative ways to pull candidates attention in a crowded marketplace, and succeed in effectively selling an employee’s brand.

On top of all, this a recruiter must have the time to be strategic planner and researcher. Understanding future job demands and following industry trends will enable them to build a powerful pipeline of talent.

Giving your employees the time to develop these skills is where technology comes into play.

2. Use technology to automate repetitive high-volume tasks

RPA – Robotic Process Automation – is the use of computer algorithms to handle high-volume, repetitive tasks. Leveraging this technology to automate time-consuming processes is key to supporting high performing recruiters and digital disruption in hr. For example, reformatting a single CV can take up to 20 minutes. When reformatting multiple CVs, this delay can result in losing out to a competitor and can take attention away from providing a top candidate experience. Automating this process than be easily achieved with Allsorter which reformats CVs in less than ten seconds to a customised CV template.

By critically assessing your recruitment process and using time-saving solutions such as Allsorter you will give your team the advantage they need to become top industry performers.