Digital Disruption in HR & Recruiting: The Ultimate Guide

Declan Murphy

What is Digital Disruption in HR & Recruiting?

According to a publication by ResearchGate, digital disruption in HR involves digitally transforming how organisations interact with their workforce and customers. This transformation entails modern communication technologies, such as automated email and messaging solutions.

This makes workplaces more productive, enabling recruiters to do a better job by accessing accurate data, reducing errors, and making more intelligent decisions.

How does digital transformation affect HR & recruitment industry?

Digital transformation positively affects HR & recruitment by creating more agile and focused teams.

For example, teams no longer need to spend over 30 minutes reformatting each CV. Now, they can leverage digital tools like Allsorter across all of their candidates’ and employees’ lifecycles.

As a result, tools like Allsorter help them enrich customer interactions, amplify their branding, and simplify the process for everyone involved. After all, recruiters still need to put meaningful relationships above other repetitive tasks.

How better technology is disrupting recruiting for the better

Each agency’s own internal processes may hinder productivity and profitability. That’s because many HR teams wear more hats than they should. Not only are they responsible for increasing overall productivity, but also for acing talent management. They have to be employers and employees simultaneously, which is never easy.

What does disruption in HR mean?

On the bright side, better technology means better recruiting and task management. Tools like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and resume reformatting solutions free recruiters from getting stuck in repetitive, unnecessary admin tasks. Overall, these tools enable recruiters to do their best (and preferably only) function: selecting the perfect candidates for the right jobs.

How Allsorter is disrupting the recruitment industry

Allsorter is revolutionising the recruitment industry with its advanced sorting and parsing capabilities. This solution ensures recruiters hire the best candidates in the least amount of time while meeting their time-to-hire (TTH) benchmarks. When the grunt work is done in minutes, they can focus most of their time on consulting with candidates and clients.

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Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside:

Big Data analytics adoption in HR departments is at only 9%.1

The adoption of digital innovation in HR is lagging in comparison to other industries and is still weighed down with manual time-consuming administrative tasks. HR industry leaders understand that adapting their business model is essential.

81% of HR departments plan to allocate funding to digital transformation projects over the next 2-3 years.2

The benefits that digital transformation in recruitment can bring to the HR and Staffing industries are immense. Digitization will move HR from a primarily administrative function to a key strategic element of organisations.

ROI is found to be 50% higher when business digitize their processes before their competitors.3

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