Reduce formatting time and costs by 80%

CV formatting and optimisation software for recruiters whose productivity is limited by the time it takes to deliver accurate, timely and consistently branded resumes to clients, ahead of the competition.

Two Offerings. One Result. Win More Placements!

Explore One-Click Formatting

One-Click Formatting

Preserve the Original

Maintain the candidate’s original document. We can also build coversheet templates that allow you to append the original document.

Explore Full Reformat

Full reformating

Transform resumes in seconds

We build templates for fully reformatting resumes into your custom brand. These templates can include cover sheets for the full holistic solution.

Why are the World’s Leading Recruiters Like Randstad Reformatting Resumes with our Ai-enhanced software?

Allsorter has been shown to speed up CV formatting with up to 80%-time savings, drastically improving productivity and allowing recruiters to reinvest hundreds of hours in sales calls with the potential for tens of thousands in new revenue.


Format and professionally brand résumés in less than a minute


Allsorter is fully integrated with leading ATS providers including (but not limited to) Bullhorn, Job Adder and Salesforce


Allsorter is the only dedicated CV formatting tool that is ISO27001 certified

Cutting edge R&D

Utilise the World’s leading Ai and NLP (Natural language processing)technologies to get ahead of the competition and win more placements

Class-leading Support

We work to ensure your team are fully up-to-speed, fast and get BIG increases in efficiency from your product. Allsorter will pay for itself in days...

GDPR/Data Compliance

Stop offshoring CV formatting and ensure GDPR and data compliance

Build Brand

Your CV is your product. Ensure your team produces consistent, beautifully branded resumes and CVs every single time


Allsorter’s capability to scale across subsidiaries, regions and teams is a key reason Ranstad, Adecco and other leading organisations work with us