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The World’s most successful recruiters use Allsorter

HRC Recruitment

HRC Recruitment have been using Allsorter for a little over a year now, and it has made a tremendous difference to the way we do things. It is quick to use and can easily parse different document types – saving long form copy and paste jobs and minimising human error. They have supported us as we implemented company-wide usage, providing individual log ins and access as well as excellent customer support and a quick response to any of our queries.

Debra MacNeilData Compliance Manager
Horizon Hospitality

Executive Search Specialists for the Hospitality and Healthcare Industries (USA) – Horizon Hospitality has been using Allsorter for several months now, and we are very pleased with the outcome. Our team is proud of the quality of resumes we are presenting to our clients and I believe the clients appreciate the concise, easy-to-read information. We have even had candidates tell us that they appreciated the service and thought it did a great job of representing their backgrounds.

Dana BaithManaging Director
Direct Teacher Recruitment Specialists

No better system for all your formatting needs. The guys at Allsorter make life 10x easier with their super speedy, easy to use software. Nothing is ever too much trouble- keep doing what you’re doing!

Rosie TullRecruitment Consultant
Tempting Recruitment

My Recruiters would lynch me if I took Allsorter away from them. The traditional approach of copy and paste formatting was taking consultants 2 hours to format 5 resumes and was taking them away from talking to clients and candidates.

Shane CousinsTempting Recruitment
Fuuse Recruitment

Allsorter helped us out with building a CV template that worked with our style and purpose. Whenever we need to make some changes to our template they are always there to help. Using Allsorter is saving us a lot of time in our daily operations and we do not want to work without it anymore.

Gerard de KoningManaging Partner
PRS Recruitment

The speed and accuracy of the Allsorter CV formatting platform has automated a very time-consuming and onerous recruitment process. With many of our 50-strong team working remotely and across 4 regional office locations, PRS recruiters can now dedicate more quality time to candidates and winning placements.

Allsorter’s smooth onboarding and dedicated customer support has really helped us speed up our candidate-to-market process and be more competitive.

Mark OldfieldDirector
Autograph Recruitment

One of my consultants is super-fast at doing her own CVs and when we first started using Allsorter she was quite resistant to using it. I logged on to Allsorter to have a look at usage, and saw that she had been using it to format more CVs than her colleagues! When asking her why she was using it, she replied, “Yeah, sorry, but it is super quick, even with pdfs!”

So, I had a little trial myself this afternoon. It took me about 1 minute to do each CV on Allsorter! You can reformat into your own standardised font and size as Allsorter has that coded in the background. Plus, you have changed the CV layout for each of my consultants based on their personal preferences as to how they like their CVs presented.

The 2 initial reasons I wanted to try Allsorter was to ensure all CVs sent out, regardless of consultant or sector, were standardised and branded.
With Allsorter, they all look the same. Time-saving was the other big driver for me; prior to Allsorter, myself and my fellow Director were formatting CVs all the time for our consultants (not very productive!). Since we’ve had Allsorter, I have only had to do a couple, and that was because they were a nightmare, 8 page long, back to front etc…

I wanted to say Thank You for a great product, it really has increased productivity and output, by saving time reformatting CVs. Your customer service as a company has been second to none (not many would alert a customer that they had been over charged, by accident, by a whopping £10, for it to be credited within minutes!), you are, also, always on hand and super helpful.

Samantha CliftDirector