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We Reformat.
You Recruit.

Fast CV reformatting

Custom branded CV templates

Candidate optimization

We Reformat.
You Recruit.

CV reformatting in seconds

Custom branded CV templates

Candidate CV optimization

Our Solutions

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CV Formatting

Save up to 20 minutes per CV with the latest advances in AI and Automation

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Custom Templates

Achieve consistent brand identity using custom CV templates designed to your exact spec

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CV Optimization

Advanced machine learning capabilities highlight key skills and competencies presenting all candidates fairly and equally

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What is a Credit?

One credit is used for one CV upload. A CV upload involves the information in the CV being extracted and populated into the edit screen. Once a CV has been uploaded it can be exported unlimited times in the templates that are available to you. For our customers, active subscriptions of any size will allow up to 100% of their subscription credit value rollover into each new term.

What is a custom template?

We can create custom templates for you based on your spec. If you have a CV template you already use or have a Template you would like to start using to strengthen your brand identity, we can create it for you. This template can include your cover sheet if needed.

How does my subscription work?

Your subscription gives you access to a set number of credits each month and will auto-renew unless you cancel. Your quota of credits willl be renewed each month to the sum of your chosen subscription. Credits do not rollover month on month.

Intelligent uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to extract and process the data. The algorithms for extraction learn, adapt and improve through machine learning from user feedback. This allows the system to recognise and predict your criteria and preferences.

Efficient extracts data from CVs in varying formats (word, pdf, even scanned images) and reformats it into your chosen template. This allows for a more stream-lined bias-free comparison of candidates once they reach your HR team.

Effortless’s cloud-based software is designed to the highest security standards. We can integrate seamlessly into your recruitment process with minimal friction. The system is user friendly and our user-centric approach to design means we are constantly improving the experience.

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