The most accurate resume reformatting in the industry

Allsorter’s AI delivers the most accurate reformatting in the industry with speed, control and efficiency. Don't just reformat a resume - enhance and win that placement!

Bespoke resumes templates from scratch

Reduce admin, improve accuracy and produce a beautiful resume, every single time.

Win more placements:

We understand data better than any ‘parser’. Our Ai tools run a gap analysis and learn exactly what the data means and what you need to reformat into your custom template putting you in pole position to win more placements

Be Data Protected/GDPR Compliant

Allsorter is the only CV and resume formatting tool that is fully ISO27001 and certified. This makes you audit ready, reduces insurance costs and minimise any chances of data breaches.

Produce an incredible product

Be in control and get to do side-by-side quality control on the new CV versus the original before exporting

Remove human error. Cut formatting time by 80%

We have assessed the best technologies in the world to extract your information with unbeaten accuracy and use multiple platforms aided by Ai to ensure industry leading quality and speed in formatting

Enrich Your ATS

Allsorter is integrated with Bullhorn, Salesforce, Job Adder and other ATS software. Enrich your existing candidate profiles in your ATS without duplicating work. Allsorter is also integrated with LinkedIn allowing you to reformat LinkedIn resumes into your agency’s template.

Increase Revenue

Redact details for prospecting: offer potential new clients send a redacted CV or resume with a click of a button without the risk of them being contacted by the prospect directly

The only ISO27001 certified CV and resume formatting app

Our rigorous security and compliance standards are at the heart of all we do. We work tirelessly to protect you and your customers.

Protect yourself against data breaches

By working with Allsorter, you greatly lower your chances of a data breach.

Lower insurance costs

Strengthened protection against data breaches with Allsorter can lead to lower insurance costs

Reduce auditing costs

ISO27001 is a global standard for security. When you work with Allsorter, you are automatically benefiting and adopting those standards, by using our tool