5 Recruitment Marketing Branding Strategies

Connor Keppel

Recruitment marketing strategies will be even more important in 2023 as agencies compete for candidates and clients, and a compelling brand is key to attracting the best talent.

A strong and consistent brand will nurture trust between you and your clients and can position you among the top-ranking agencies for providing exemplary service. Furthermore, a distinctive brand will help you to attract lucrative talent who are looking for only the best to manage their career search.

An infinite list of factors can influence your brand, online and offline, however it is important to consider a number of key elements to ensure your brand is immediately recognisible:

1.) Brand promise: 

Your brand promise is a bold proclamation of what you will do for your clients and candidates. It should fuel your values and marketing material, and show you how to treat candidates and clients.

How Does a Brand Promise Impact Recruitment Branding?

  • Having a bold and positive brand promise helps your customers notice you in the crowd and associate your values with your brand.
  • You’re able to advertise your offerings and show a glimpse of your achievements in a subtle way.
  • Your brand promise helps set expectations for your customers so they can see you as a trustworthy brand.
  • It helps forge an emotional connection with the brand as your customers associate you with your values, morals, beliefs and culture.
  • It often leads to repeat business as the customers who trust you keep coming back to you.

2.) Brand visuals & Image: 

Visuals are how customers interact with a brand and, more importantly, remember it. The key components include your logo, brand colours, tagline, font, and other elements unique to your brand.

Your brand’s visual identity represents your core values and brand promise that help your customers connect with you!

Tips to Optimize Your Recruitment Branding

  • Keep your brand visuals consistent. Make sure your website, social media profiles, and outgoing emails have the same branding.
  • Particularly, watch out for outgoing CVs – these are your biggest branding tool as a recruiter. Inconsistency or inaccuracy of presentation can result in poor evaluation from clients.
  • Use your own branded CV template with Allsorter to ensure all of your CVs are standardised and client-ready.
  • Choose simple designs over complicated ones. Simple designs help your customer easily understand what your brand is about and associate the right values with it faster.

3.) Employee Ambassadors: 

What better way to promote a brand than to have its employees rave about it?

Clients and candidates care a great deal about how the recruitment agency’s employees feel about the agency. Ultimately, employee advocacy has a significant impact on the client’s decision.

Now, you don’t need to make a new hire. Employee ambassadors are happy employees of an organisation who share their work and company culture online. Some do it voluntarily, while some do it with encouragement from their employers.

Either way, employee ambassadors help humanise your marketing efforts and increase engagement from potential customers.

Best Practices to Run an Employee Ambassador Program

A company’s reputation relies on the individuals behind it, and it’s your job to ensure they’re doing it right! So, ensure branding and messaging are consistent across the entire business. Setting up an approved folder of marketing material can help with this or if you are a solo recruiter, review online platforms regularly to ensure consistency.

4.) Social Media Recruiting

About 4.62 billion people around the globe use social media—that accounts for half of the world’s population! This also includes your potential hires—read: graduates looking for work and emerging talents from different industries looking for a job change.

Social media is still successful at helping you recruit the right candidates in 2023. Recruiters favour LinkedIn and Facebook, with 79% using LinkedIn to reach out to top talent, while 71% prefer using Facebook.

Recruiting Trends on Social Media

  • Not only can social media platforms be used for posting job ads, but they can also be used to promote your brand and actively engage with potential candidates.
  • Another trend in recruitment marketing is using video on social platforms to pique the interest of young talent. Video testimonials of happy candidates sharing great experiences are priceless when building a strong recruitment brand!
  • Recruiters often seek well-wishers, ex-employees, co-workers or batchmates to help them promote a new role, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn. It’s very easy to spread the word; you only need someone to like or comment on your job post.

5.) Brand Content Marketing

In the age where content is ever-evolving and consumed in various forms on multiple platforms, having an online presence is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ idea!

  • Find out where your potential hires are hanging out online. For starters, platforms like LinkedIn are a good place to build your presence. Start by creating a company page and updating the founder’s profile.
  • Create content to pique the interest of job seekers, passive candidates and your customers. Position yourself as an authority in the recruitment industry and share tips and helpful resources.
  • Implement SEO to make your website searchable and fill it with helpful content to rank.
  • Employ multi-channel content marketing—distribute your content on blogs, social media, emails and even paid ads to attract more attention.