The Post-Pandemic Dawn of HR Digitization

Declan Murphy

Our CEO, Declan Murphy, discusses with Ira Wolfe and Keith Campagna from ‘Geeks, Geezers and Googlization’ in Pennsylvania, how now, more than ever, we need to prioritize HR digitization.

Are you interested in saving 1 full day of work each week? How about 93% accuracy in resume parsing? With 30+ million unemployed, it’s time to digitize HR. This unprecedented world economic crisis will trigger the evolution of a new business model. Although we are seeing huge amounts of lay-offs and furloughs at the moment, soon business will be up and running again. HR departments and recruitment agencies will see a flood of applications and they must be prepared to manage this. In stark contrast to the recent dilemma of ‘skills shortage’, over the next 12-18 months there will be too many candidates as businesses begin to open up again. A sudden change of this magnitude needs an equally revolutionary solution. is helping recruiters prepare for the inevitable turn-around with more efficient processes to maximize future opportunities by providing digital solutions that keep the human touch – keeping the human in HR.

How we can achieve the digitization of HR

Hear how the next new normal problems will be solved by the rapid digitization of HR – check out the playback here.