Steps toward digital transformation in your recruitment process (without even involving IT)

Declan Murphy

Unfortunately, the HR industry, including Staffing & Recruitment, is still weighed down with manual, time-consuming administrative tasks and paper-work.

CV processing is a perfect example.

Recruiters are spending up to 6 hours a week manually formatting CVs into company-approved branded templates. This onerous task is time-consuming and mundane, but still requires serious concentration to make sure the final CV is client-ready, accurate and perfectly formatted.

Why should you be digitizing this process?

Our research has highlighted numerous issues manual CV formatting is causing for recruiters globally:

  • Excessive time spent formatting CVs which is reducing time focused on business critical tasks such as building a pipeline, nurturing candidate and client relationships and pitching to prospective clients.
  • Reduced team morale due to a frustrating backlog of administrative tasks and slow candidate processing, often resulting in losing a placement to a competitor.
  • Increased risk of human error resulting in inaccurate presentation of CV data or poor formatting.
  • Potential risk of data breaches due to the lack of standardised processes regarding CV data management and formatting .
  • Risk of bias during candidate selection due to format variations and missing hidden key skills.
  • Inaccurate representation of candidates to clients.
  • Lack of management control of outgoing CVs in larger agencies

What if we told you there is a simple way to eliminate these problems from your business?

Although automation is now permeating nearly every industry, it has only just been tailored for HR and Recruiting processes in an affordable, easy-to-use solution. CV formatting automation is not yet widely adopted in the HR industry, but this new way of working is a sure way to get ahead of the curve. By automatically formatting your CV you can:

  • Increase efficiency, saving your business up to 20 minutes per CV.
  • Strengthen your brand identity by using your own custom-branded template, ensuring consistency and accuracy.
  • Accelerate your short-listing process to present clients with suitable candidates in less time.
  • Increase team morale due to a re-allocation of time from administrative work to more fulfilling skill-focused tasks.
  • Reduce the backlog of repetitive administration tasks to allow your employees to focus their attention on more enjoyable, human-oriented tasks.
  • Reduce subconscious bias in candidate selection by standardising all CVs and highlighting key skills and competencies equally and fairly.’s stand-alone CV formatting platform allows you to implement this process improvement immediately into your business. With minimal set-up and no training required, you can leverage the latest advances in AI technology immediately.