Template Submission

Please read the instructions provided before you submit your template

What We Need To Create Your Template?

  • You will need to have an active Allsorter Account.
  • Use a fully filled-out anonymized Resume in a .docx format.
  • Include any logo or images and have them positioned exactly where required.
  • Include a filled out cover sheet if your template has one.
  • Make sure the example provided is styled exactly to the specs required. i.e font-size, bold, position of text, spacing, date formats.
  • If there are any notes or requirements please provide them in the form.
  • We will mimic the styles, order and format provided exactly.
  • Templates take 24hrs to create test and assign to your account.
  • If there are any issues the team will be in touch.
  • If you need multiple templates or wish to discuss options with our team please contact your account manager.