Streamline Your Workflow with the Best Recruitment Tools

No recruitment tool will ever make a recruiter’s job easy. However, modern tools promise to streamline the ongoing battle for qualified talent.

From the moment AI-powered tools became a hit, 68% of recruiting professionals knew that unparalleled recruiter performance would require investing in better technology. And they were right.

Of course, that doesn’t mean recruiters need a bajillion tools to work effectively. However, they should capitalise on the ones that are more likely to boost performance, save time, and save money.

What Are Recruitment Tools?

Recruitment tools consist of automated technology that can speed up and improve all stages of the hiring process. Whether sourcing higher-quality candidates or better engaging with applicants, these tools dismiss manual labour and maximise recruiting productivity.

Why Do You Need Recruitment Tools?

You Can’t Afford Old-School Recruitment Methods Anymore

Menial tasks do nothing but prolong your time-to-hire and decrease the quality of hire. Although back-and-forth processes might be familiar, they make your job unnecessarily costly and tedious. So ditch them. They no longer serve your workflow or your expenses!

You Either Engage Candidates…or You Lose Them

A 2020 survey by Yello found that 54% of recruiters often lose candidates before even scheduling an initial interview. That’s unsurprising, seeing that job seekers are looking for seamless hiring experiences.

You should give candidates the complete experience they want. Otherwise, you’ll watch top talent slip through the cracks.

You Need to Communicate Efficiently Across All Touchpoints

Great communication has proved essential to engaging promising candidates. For example:

By leveraging smart tools like AI-powered chatbots, you’ll be constantly notifying applicants about their current hiring status. Besides delivering conversational updates, the tool will ensure potential candidates get the complete experience they seek. And you won’t have to lift a finger!

Benefits of Recruitment Tools 

They Bring Measurable, Actionable Results

In the words of HR professionalRiia O’Donnell, “metrics tell the story of how your business acquires talent, the speed in which you’re able to do so, and the costs and resources involved in the process.”

Indispensable metrics – such as cost-per-hire and retention rate – guarantee that recruiters rely on data-backed decisions rather than guesswork-backed hunches.

They Cost Less than Your Current Processes 

Struggling to recruit talent for your company can quickly escalate expenses. Fortunately, the right recruiting tools won’t let a dollar go to waste.

Even better, the right tools will yield a massive return on investment. By automating the grunt work and building decisions on accurate data, your team will hire faster while spending less.

They Help You Connect to Diverse Talent 

Sourcing quality candidates is one of the biggest problems recruiters face right now.

The team atGreenhouse Recruiting made it clear that “as a recruiter, it’s your responsibility to create a pool of diverse talent that embodies the company’s mission, values and brand.” Such responsibility makes sourcing tools essential to fit candidates within ideal criteria.

All that said, determining the best recruitment tools can be overwhelming. So, what types of recruitment tools should you be looking for?

Let’s take a look.

Types Of Recruitment Tools You Can’t Miss in 2023

Augmented Writing Software

Overlooked social bias might be responsible for your low-quality applications. A few seemingly inoffensive words – such as “opportunity” and “passionate” – could signal to your perfect candidates that this isn’t the right job for them.

With augmented writing software, however, you can spot hidden biases in widely-used words and modify them before your job posting ever gets published.

Plus, unbiased job descriptions will ensure you find a more inclusive and on-brand tone for all of your marketing materials.

The following example is from the augmented writing software Textio, featuring a job posting for a front-end web developer.



Other tools you can try include:

  • Gender Decoder for identifying subtle gender bias in job ads
  • Datapeople for real-time guidance in writing inclusive job descriptions

Sourcing and Recruiting 

Even if your all-star candidates aren’t actively looking for a job, you can still add them to your talent pipeline. But first, you have to find where they hang out.

The right sourcing platforms combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning so you can reach the right candidates in their favourite spots, be it Facebook, Instagram, or random online stores.

The following example features the comprehensive dashboard of the end-to-end talent sourcing platform Joveo.



Other tools you can try include:

  • Wonderkind for attracting qualified candidates at a scale
  • PandoLogic for AI-enabled talent acquisition

Selection and Assessment

Some candidates can ace an interview and submit an impeccable resume. But when they get down to business, the skills they once seemed to have don’t really add up.

If only you could see candidates prove their skills before they get the job…

Well, you can! Thanks to AI-powered assessment tools, you can add an extra layer of powerful evidence to your selection process. So that you can better predict job performance, zeroing in on the people who have hands-on experience.

Take a look at Vervoe’s dashboard, which presents the predicted score of all candidates in a single place.



Other tools you can try include:

  • SparkHire for faster and more effective video interviews
  • Criteria for comprehensive candidate assessment solutions

Resume Reformatting

Sure, you could manually reformat one resume or two. But reformatting can become an excruciating task when you have a menacing pile before your eyes.

With resume reformatting solutions, you can fully reformat hundreds of resumes into your agency’s branding in minutes. Or, you can maintain the candidate’s original formatting if that’s preferred.

Ideally, your reformatting tool of choice would anonymise candidate information for bias removal. Besides, of course, being GDPR compliant.

One tool that fits all of those requirements is Allsorter.


Allsorter covers all your resume reformatting needs, including:

  • Streamlined workflows & speed – Say goodbye to manually reformatting resumes. Simply upload your guidelines, and Allsorter will take care of it for you on autopilot.
  • Branding & custom templates.
  • Bias removal.
  • Data protection.

And more!

Candidate Onboarding

The onboarding process is an ongoing one. What can you do to delight your employees and keep them engaged throughout the lifecycle?

The answer: invest in user-friendly onboarding tools that keep the momentum going after day one.

Candidate onboarding tools promise to get you real-time retention, providing meaningful experiences from the start. They guide employees at every step of the way, from initial form completion to performance tracking.

For example, here’s a look at Click Boarding’s intuitive dashboard.

Other tools you can try include:

  • Qualee for end-to-end employee experience journeys
  • Factorial for tracking and planning onboarding experiences

Candidate Experience Tracking

How do candidates genuinely feel about your current hiring process? And how could you benefit from that feedback to deliver a better experience for future talent?

It all starts with better experience tracking! By collecting candidate feedback and translating it into data-driven improvements, you can boost talent attraction quality and employee engagement rates. Happy new hires are sure to follow.

For example, Starred’s candidate experience dashboard provides a centralised hub of recommendations based on previous responses.



Other tools you can try include:

  • Grayscale, for streamlining high-touch candidate experiences

Need Something Else? Here Are Other Tools You Could Add to Your Recruiting Tech Stack:

For employee time tracking:

For interview scheduling:

For time management and productivity:

The Best Recruitment Tools Are the Ones That Work for Your Team

Regardless of what your hiring process looks like today, at least one of the above tools will make it easier, faster…or both. However, they need to fit into your current workflow.

Your next step is to identify your most time-consuming hiring challenges right now:

  • Is it posting more compelling job descriptions?
  • Sourcing better candidates?
  • Collecting better feedback?

Revisit the above tools and select one that could help you the most with your current needs. And whenever possible, opt for recruitment tools that seamlessly integrate with your existing stack.