Franck Fogliaresi

AI for Recruitment

Allsorter is a cloud-based formatting solution providing AI for recruiters to bring uniformity to CVs. Allsorter speeds up candidate-to-market processing and clients are saving themselves at least seven hours per week per recruiter due to the automatic high-speed formatting.

Big data analytics adoption is only at 9 percent among HR departments despite 96 percent of HR managers considering Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to be the appropriate tools to make the HR function more predictive rather than reactive. Large recruitment companies often outsource CV processing, but while this may save time and money, it has a downside. It loses all the rich data available for extraction and searchability. By contrast, Allsorter is all about the data. Allsorter not only extracts the data but also analyses, cleans, and categorizes it while highlighting key skills and competencies. It provides complete transparency, flags potential errors or problems and allows the user to make edits as required.

Allsorter is for both SMEs and large organizations including executive search companies, general recruiters and talent acquisition managers in the private and public sectors. Bringing digital transformation to the HR industries, Allsorter is helping develop more efficient processes for recruiters.

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