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How Does the formatting Software Work?

Resume and CV Refomatting

Upload CVs in Word or PDF format. Get a side-by-side view and watch Allsorter reformat resumes and CVs into your agency’s template

Full Reformat

You can fully reformat the CV section by section, importing what you need based on the custom template set up by your Allsorter success manager (and it shows what was not imported too). Allsorter shows you what it brings across and not so you can quality check before sending to the client.

Preserve Original

You simply redact contact details, attach a cover sheet, add a logo but keep the original CV as is with our ‘preserve original’ offering. This is great for high volume CV and resume reformatting.

Recruitment Branding

Present your agency branding everytime when you send a client a candidate’s CV by reformatting int your bespoke agency template.

ATS integration

Allsorter is fully integrated with numerous ATS systems including JobAdder and Bullhorn. Create a new candiate profile or enrich an existing when you reformat a CV

Bias Removal

Redact contact details at scale when reformatting resumes and CVs. Remove bias by putting the focus on skills and experience.

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Advantages of using Allsorter’s resume reformatting tool.

Get to Market Faster than other recruiters

Speed is critical in recruitment. With our resume reformatting software, we can help you remove admin and get great candidates to clients first. Nobody pursues a career in recruitment to reshuffle Word documents - that’s why they use Allsorter.

Cut Costs While Improving Quality

Make you internal admin team more efficient by increasing their volume. Replace your outsourced resume reformatting service that’s slow and low quality or simply get your recruiters reformatting their own CVs faster so they can spend more time on filling vacancies. Our reformatting software is faster, more accurate and more cost effective.

Integrations and Data Protection

Get smarter with workflows and data. Allsorter can help you enrich and manage your ATS database, and is fully data-compliant with the strictest data legislations.

How much time does it take to manually reformat a resume?

Reformatting CVs and resumes can take up to 20 to 30 minutes per CV! All of the following elements have to be manually completed:

This is why resume reformatting software is one of the fastest growing products in ‘Hr tech’. Allsorter is the leading provider.

The resume formatting software you need in your toolbox

Using Allsorter is the best solution. Save time. Save Money. Improve quality. Secure more placements for your candidates.