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How does your recruitment agency handle resume formatting?

Recruitment agencies just like yours typically reformat resumes and reformat CVs by utilising one of the following services or techniques:

Outsourced resume formatting services

Advantages of resume formatting services:

Cheap and can reformat at volume

Disadvantage of resume formatting services:

Slow turnaround (24 hours+); quality can be low meaning you end up finishing the reformatting services yourself on top of the slow turnaround

In-house resume formatting

Advantage of in-house resume formatting:

Higher quality than outsourced resume reformatting services

Disadvatages of in-house formatting:

Cost of internal hires; management of employees; creates bottlenecks; still a slow turnaround

Recruiter formatting

Advantage of manual formatting:

cheap from a cashflow perspective; higher quality


huge opportunity cost in recruiters spending time on admin; lowers placement volume per recruiter as burdened with admin

Manually Formatting Resumes Vs Formatting Services

Outsourcing to resume formatting services helps your business to scale as recruiters are spending more time filling positions; you do not need to hire internal admins creating linear growth in overheads and hiring and you can process CVs at scale. Really it’s a trade off for your business – quality vs. quantity. 

Resume formatting services are widely available but they need to be managed and quality checks need to be in place frequently to ensure your are not doubling up work i.e. outsourcing and still doing some of the work to finish the CV off.

Manual is the enemy though, and the worst efficiency you can have, is having motivated, hungry recruiters spending all day shuffling PDFs and Word documents. Resume formatting services are an imperfect, but better alternative to this.

The problems with resume formatting services?

The Best Resume Formatting Service?

Resume formatting services exist because of the need to stop recruiters spending 20 to 30 minutes formatting, per CV. Add volume of CVs, and now you have serious ineffeicnecies in your process. And of course, others are filling those vacancies faster. 

But that’s changing now…

Allsorter was born because of the decline in the quality and usage of resume formatting services. Even with a good resume formatting service, issues such as quality, GDPR and speed mean the largest (and smaller) recruiters are turning away from outsourced providers to technology. In fact, these BPOs (outsourced providers) often approach Allsorter to use the tool to make their teams more efficient. That is a true sign of how technology is positively impacting the recruitment and staffing industry.

Resume formatting services are dead. Long live Allsorter

AI and NLP (natural language processing) has changed the game. Simple apps like Allsorter come with huge advantages, that a human team cannot match – they should be focused on value adds like finding great candidates and driving growth for your business:

The advantages of replacing traditional resume formatting services with Allsorter

If you are serving a highly technical or specialised industry, then your internal admin team can use Allsorter to derisk their recruiting. You can easily triple the output of the team and when they are on leave or sick, there is no bottlenecks for recruiters in getting their CVs out.

Ditch the resume formatting service

Using Allsorter is the best solution. Save time. Save Money. Secure more placements for your candidates.