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Reformat CVs quickly and easily.

Bespoke Template Creation

Format CVs into your agency’s template. Our team can help create your template(s) to ensure you put your brand and attention-to-detail at the forefront of your clients’ minds.

Quality CV Formatting Guaranteed

Upload the the original CV and watch the information reappear right before you eyes in your company’s CV template. Both CVs are presented side-by-side so you can check it before exporting and Allsorter will even show you what it didn’t bring across so have full control of CV formatting. Smartest CV formatting software on the market!

ATS Integration

Allsorter is fully integrated with Job Adder, Bullhorn and other ATS systems. Automatically create new candidate profiles during the CV formatting process or enrich the candidate’s existing profile.

Data Protection and GDPR Compliant

CV formatting is data heavy and contains personal details such as dates, locations and contact details. Allsorter ensures you are fully GDPR compliant and data-protected when storing, handling and formatting CVs.

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Why should you use our CV formatting tool?


Allsorter ensures quality by allowing you to format CVs from the original into your agency’s template with a side-by-side walkthrough through our ‘split screen’ mode.


Format large volumes of CVs fast. Get your great candidates’ CVs into your clients’ hands faster and fill more vacancies. That’s why Allsorter is your unfair advantage.


Stop recruiters from creating ‘opportunity costs’ when manually reshuffling CVs and get them focused on filling vacancies and finding great candidates instead.. Our CV formatting software is also a fraction of the cost of outsourcing the task and if you have an internal admin team, it increases their output. A smart option for ROI focused recruiters.

How much time can a recruitment professional save with our CV reformatting software?

Allsorter can save you up to 20 minutes PER CV! At even a small volume that’s a huge time saving resulting in positive impact on your bottom-line. How?

The only CV formatting software you need

Using Allsorter is the best solution. Save time. Save Money. Improve quality. Secure more placements for your candidates.