Maintain brand identity with guaranteed consistency
Save time offshoring or sending CVs to others to reformat


Parsed data is extracted from CV/Resumes The information is formatted from any document type in seconds and crafted into a new branded template matching your spec. The UI gives ability to edit the final cut before exporting the document in either a word, XML or PDF format.

A front page with the users logo and a term sheet can be automatically added to the exported file



Time – no need to offshore,  saves 15 mins to 2 hours of manual formatting
Accuracy – Automatically imports CV data in your
Transformation – Optimum presentation of candidate profile



Our ability to extract data is unrivalled in the current market. Our system powered by AI and machine learning allows for extremely accurate extraction which improves organically through user feedback  and deep learning. Our text engineering gives best in class extraction quality

Allows applicants to upload their CVs and automatically extracts all information. The CV information can automatically populate your CRM or ATS to make the application process seamless for your candidates.

Smart extraction allows standardizing CVs in modern formats improving readability and reducing turnaround time for recruiters.

(This solution is currently in development )


High quality semantic search and match
Candidate profiles view for quick overview of candidate
Skills weighting for fast matching


Our intelligent database allows the user to search for suitable candidates by extracting data from the original job specification assessing the needed skills and competencies and assessing the skills related to that job in our skills library.  We then sift through the candidates that are available on the user’s database and rank them based on their candidate profiles.

The skills that have been extracted from candidate CV’s are weighted based on several variables that our system can read, this allows for a much more extensive search and match ability.

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