Full Reformat or One Click Reformat?

As a Recruiter, you and your team are probably spending valuable time and effort manually reformatting CVs from documents or even more time trying to reformat from .PDF files job boards? Perhaps you even outsource this process to a third party?

With Allsorter.com, we can help you do all of this
independently, in-house, in minutes!

Full Reformat

Using the Full Reformat option, simply upload a resume to the Allsorter.com platform. Our multi-layered parsing technology will extract the desired information from the resume, allowing you to quickly compare and edit the content you wish to present.
You can then export it to your own branded template, along with a bespoke cover, term sheet, ensuring accuracy and consistency of CV presentation for your clients.

How it works – Full Reformat

Import candidate’s CV and our parsing technology will extract the resume data. Compare and edit the extracted resume data prior to export to your desired branded style and format template, including your custom cover and term sheet, if required. The fully reformatted candidate profile is now ready to be sent to your client.

One Click Reformat

The One Click Resume Reformat option will allow you preserve a candidate’s original resume, auto-redact their personal contact details, then add a coversheet and your agency’s branding to the overall candidate profile.


Simply supply us with the desired branding of your coversheet in .docx format. You will then be able to complete each candidate’s unique coversheet via our user interface. If your organisation is using the Bullhorn Allsorter ATS integration, this information will be populated automatically from your Bullhorn account.


Allsorter will automatically redact the candidate’s personal information such as telephone number, email and address from the original resume. The coversheet and redacted resume will then be merged into one candidate profile, ready to be presented to your client.

How it works – One Click Reformat

Upload your candidate’s CV. Input coversheet information e.g. salary, availability, and click export. Allsorter automatically redacts candidate contact details from the original CV. We then merge your coversheet with the candidate’s original resume and brand the document. Your candidate profile is now client-ready.