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Allsorter in a Nutshell

May 2021 Join our own Liam Cosgrove, Allsorter APAC for a fireside chat with John Bourke of Start in Recruitment Australia, to learn how Allsorter can speed up and improve onerous admin tasks like CV reformatting whilst better differentiating your brand and win placements faster. Book a Demo Did you enjoy this post? Here …

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The Future of CV Formatting

Leonardo da Vinci created the first ever CV 532 years ago. One of his most famous quotes echoes his reputation of leaving pieces of art unfinished: “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Unfortunately, he probably spent too much time manually formatting his CV. Imagine how many more paintings he could have finished if he was using …

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Branding Tips For Candidate Resumes

A recruiter’s outgoing resumes are arguably the biggest branding tool for their company. Strong and consistent resume templates are crucial to making a positive impression on your clients and strengthening your brand awareness. Competing in such a saturated market leaves no room for sub-par formatting or inconsistent branding. Spending time on creating a fantastic resume …

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