Speed at scale

Our fast, easy-to-use, AI-Engineered platform Resume Cognition platform has been designed to save significant time on CV formatting. Our users experience up to 80% time savings so you can spend more time consulting with candidates and clients.

Data Optimization

Our unique Multi-Parsing technology produces optimum data extraction from all file types (even PDF and job board profiles such as LinkedIn, Seek, Indeed) ensuring optimized, accurate CV data extraction and parsing.

Boost Your Brand

Optimise candidate CV presentation with your own branding using customised, bespoke CV templates. Content can be easily edited, sections and notes added, along with a customised cover sheet.

Support your client’s
Diversity, Equity &
Inclusion goals

Diversify your service offering to include candidate profile anonymisation and bias removal. Allsorter can anonymise certain candidate information such as name, school, employer, date of birth etc.

Be GDPR compliant

Avoid Offshoring/Outsourcing to protect your clients’ data by keeping all resumes, data in a safe environment.

Reduce your IT costs

Empower your teams to work independently from anywhere – all they need is access to a browser – no requirement to invest in double screens or special viewing equipment.