The Future of Resume Formatting

Our resume formatting app is your unfair advantage to win more placements in an increasingly competitive market. Reduce admin costs, remove bias, produce premium resumes and spend more time finding great candidates and loyal clients

A few Companies Who Love our solution

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Hear how Allsorter helped Blended Employment win more placements.

Features of the system

A quick over view of some of our core value propositions

Speed is everything

Increase the volume and turnaround time of your candidate CVs to fill more placements, faster!

Your CVs are Your Product

Reformat resumes into your premium agency-branded templates to build an industry leading brand

A painkiller for growing pains

Increase the efficiency of you admin teams, so reformatting more CVs does not mean more internal hires!

Make Your Data More Useful

Full integration with your ATS allows you to enrich existing candidate profiles or create new ones during the CV reformatting process so your candidates get found easier and faster for open roles

Be a Pioneer

Redact resume details at scale and help your clients push an agenda of no-bias hiring

Standalone Product

Allsorter integrates with ATS software. But... if you prefer to use it as a standalone product, you can absolutely do that

Make Allsorter Your Unfair Advantage in an increasingly competitive market