The Post-Pandemic Dawn of HR Digitization

The Post-Pandemic Dawn of HR Digitization Our CEO, Declan Murphy, discusses with Ira Wolfe and Keith Campagna from ‘Geeks, Geezers and Googlization’ in Pennsylvania, how now, more than ever, we need to prioritize HR digitization. Are you interested in saving 1 full day of work each week? How about 93% accuracy in resume parsing? With…

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automation for recruitment benefits

Why automation shouldn’t be feared

Why automation in recruitment shouldn’t be feared As humans, we like to be comfortable. We are happiest when things are consistent and familiar. We  like our world to not change too dramatically. This is an extension of our evolutionary bias that anything unknown may be a potential danger. Unfortunately this jars with the fast-paced business…

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soft skills of the future

Soft skills – the focus of the future?

Soft Skills – The focus of the future? With the rise of automation, we will see an upward trend in the demand for soft skills across all industries. The need for finely developed social and emotional skills will rapidly grow to accompany the adoption of advanced technologies in the workplace – skills that computers are a…

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candidate experience

The secret to outstanding candidate experience

The secret to outstanding candidate experience Candidate experience of the recruitment process is a key element of how recruitment agencies win preference over competitors. This pertains to the efficiency of the process, support and communication throughout, and satisfaction with the experience as a whole. Job seekers need to feel like their time has been respected…

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recruitment branding

Marketing your recruitment brand

Marketing your recruitment brand Recruitment marketing strategies will be even more important in 2020 as agencies compete for candidates and clients, so a compelling recruitment brand is key to attracting the best talent. A strong and consistent brand will nurture trust between you and your clients and can position you among the top-ranking agencies for…

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tech trends

Tech Trends for Recruiters in 2020

Tech trends for recruitment agencies in 2020 Rapid advances in technology and a power-shift to candidates are forcing recruitment agencies to adapt to a changing playing field. Consequently, they must find new ways of working to stay competitive. Are you prepared to compete for the best candidates and business opportunities? Read on for the top…

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Digital disruption in recruitment

Steps toward digital transformation in your recruitment process (without even involving IT)

Steps toward digital transformation in your recruitment process (without even involving IT)   Unfortunately, the HR industry, including Staffing & Recruitment, is lagging behind with regard to digital transformation. It is still weighed down with manual, time-consuming administrative tasks and paper-work. CV processing is a perfect example. Recruiters are spending up to 6 hours a…

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recruitment process improvement

Changing Workplace Habits

A New Way of Working   Changing workplace habits can be difficult. Sticking to the status quo is easy. Often we can become so familiar with a process, with a certain way we do things, that we don’t even question it. This happens all the time, your early morning routine, the route you take to…

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Save time in the recruitment process

Is busy the new stupid?

Is busy the new stupid? Are you at your most productive when you have every minute of your week scheduled? According to none other than Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, being ‘busy’ and scheduled at all hours is not a great way to work, or to live. The number one productivity challenge for recruiters is…

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Cause of skills gap

The Hidden Cause of the Skills Gap Revealed

The Hidden Cause of the Skills Gap Revealed     There is a vicious cycle at play in our current labour market. The “skills gap problem” has become a classic HR cliché, provoking eye-rolls and exasperated gestures – “we’ve heard it all before!”. The skills gap refers to the apparent divide between the skills employers expect employees to…

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future of CV formatting

The Future of CV Formatting

The Future of CV Formatting   Leonardo da Vinci created the first-ever CV 532 years ago. One of his most famous quotes echoes his reputation of leaving pieces of art unfinished:   “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”   Unfortunately, he probably spent too much time manually formatting his CV. Imagine how many more paintings he…

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Mastering Digital Disruption in Recruitment

Mastering Digital Disruption in Recruitment The recruiting landscape is changing immensely – companies failing to keep at the forefront of industry trends will sink below their competitors. Recruiters that see digital disruption as an opportunity will monopolise. The march of technology will not cease. However, the secret to exploiting these changes is not by replacing…

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CV branding

Quick-Fix Branding Tips for Candidate Resumes

Quick-Fix Branding Tips for Candidate Resumes   A recruiter’s outgoing resumes are arguably the biggest branding tool for their company. Strong and consistent resume templates are crucial to making a positive impression on your clients and strengthening your brand awareness. Competing in such a saturated market leaves no room for sub-par formatting or inconsistent branding.…

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9 Warning Signs You’re Burning Out

9 Warning Signs You’re Burning Out Recruitment can be a highly rewarding career and attracts ambitious, high performing people. However sometimes in efforts to do your absolute best, multiple stressors may leave you feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and seriously burnt out. The American Psychological Association’s David Ballard, PsyD describes burnout as “an extended period of time…

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AI in recruitment

AI in Recruitment: A Realist’s Guide

A Realist’s Guide to AI in Recruitment Artificial Intelligence applications are multiplying at a tremendous speed, and ‘staying ahead of the curve’ is becoming a desperate scramble. It is important not to get carried away with the massive publicity surrounding new AI technologies and to be wary of misplaced expectations. AI is currently in the…

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Bias in recruitment process -

Dangers of Bias in the Recruitment Process

Dangers of Bias in the Recruitment Process The phone rings and it’s a new client with a position that needs filling. “Can you find me a newly qualified accountant? He’ll be about 25 and physically fit to perform stock takes.” I reply “You do know you’ve broken three employment laws already?” Ageism, sexism and disability,…

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